458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II

Personnel - J


 Name  Rank  Pos Unit  Pilot
Jaber, Henry S S/Sgt Aerial Gunner 753 McCormick
Jacks, Jordan R S/Sgt Radio Operator 753 Sanders
Jackson, Charles E T/Sgt Flight Engineer 752 Martin
Jackson, William E 1Lt Pilot 752 Jackson, WE
Jackson, Jr, William L 1Lt Pilot 752 Jackson, WL
Jackson, Jr, William N S/Sgt Radio Operator 754 Sharp
Jacobs, Calvin P Pvt Airplane Armorer/Radar Obs, Sea Search 752 Nutter
Jacobs, Jerome T/Sgt Radio Operator 755 Stoneburner
Jacobson, Bernard A F/O Navigator 755 Logie
Jacobson, Robert C S/Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 754 Rosen
Jacobus, Lewis R 1Lt Bombardier 754 Judge
Jacques, Edouard J 1Lt Bombardier 752 Tebbs
Jakobowitz, Milton L S/Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 755 Mitchell
Jameson, William S 1Lt Navigator 753 Fuson
Janicki, Steven J Sgt Aerial Gunner 752 Smith, WB
Janowski, Adolph S/Sgt Aerial Gunner 753 Matze
Jarecki, Alex T Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 753 Williams, DG
Jarrells, James M Sgt Aerial Gunner 753 Kelly
Jeffers, Fred F 1Lt Co-pilot 753 Gardner
Jeffers, Thomas F 2Lt Bombardier 754 Northrop
Jeffries, Vernon D 2Lt Co-pilot 754 Dahm
Jelinek, David C 1Lt Bombardier 755 Quirk
Jenkins, Albert S/Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 753 Healy
Jenkins, Charles O S/Sgt Radio Operator 752 Brown, C
Jerome, Roy T T/Sgt Flight Engineer 753 Manker
Jessee, Howard G 2Lt Pilot 754 Jessee
Jewett, Allen K 2Lt Co-pilot 753 Shannon
Jewett, Joseph F T/Sgt Flight Engineer 754 Pierce
Jircitano, John M F/O Co-pilot 753 Lamb
Joerger, Charles C T/Sgt Flight Engineer 753 Krueger
Johns, Francis R S/Sgt Aerial Gunner 754 Hess
Johnson, Carl L Sgt Nose Turret Gunner 754 Duke
Johnson, Cecil G 1Lt Pilot 753 Johnson, C
Johnson, Cecil M Sgt Ball Turret Gunner, 2/E 752 Nedrow
Johnson, Clarence E S/Sgt Flight Engineer 755 Slaton
Johnson, Frederick A 1Lt Co-pilot 753 Evans, C
Johnson, George E 2Lt Pilot 755 Johnson, G
Johnson, Gordon P Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 752 Martin, W
Johnson, Henry T F/O Bombardier 752 Denard
Johnson, Jeff J Sgt Flight Engineer 754 Welch
Johnson, Lester R 1Lt Bombardier 754 Roberts
Johnson, Mark H T/Sgt Flight Engineer 755 Burtis
Johnson, Max F S/Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 753 Larned
Johnson, Oliver E 1Lt Navigator 755 Hood
Johnson, Robert L Sgt Flight Engineer 752 Walker
Johnson, Roland W 2Lt Bombardier 754 Ballard
Johnson, Stanley L 1Lt Navigator 754 Davis
Johnson, Stonewall J Sgt Top Turret Gunner 752 Morris
Johnson, William L Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 754 Stilson
Johnston, Doyle C T/Sgt Flight Engineer 754 Martin, L
Johnston, Melvin S/Sgt Waist Gunner 754 Gabriel
Johnston, Warren D 1Lt Bombardier 752 Monahan
Joiner, Jr, Theodore E 1Lt Navigator 752 Walker
Jones, Breckenridge M S/Sgt Airplane Armorer-Gunner 754 Newell
Jones, Burnell S 1Lt Navigator 754 Dwyer
Jones, Everett R 2Lt Pilot 754 Jones, E
Jones, Harold N S/Sgt Aerial Gunner 755 Moran
Jones, Harold W T/Sgt Flight Engineer 755 Chimples
Jones, John J 1Lt Pilot 753 Jones, J
Jones, Johnie J S/Sgt Aerial Gunner, 2/E 753 Dooley
Jones, Robert E Lt Bombardier 755 Gentry
Jones, Robert L 2Lt Bombardier 754 Ruark
Jones, Russell B S/Sgt Radio Operator 752 Hetzler
Jones, Thomas F 2Lt   754 LeBeuf?
Jones, Wade 1Lt Co-pilot 755 Wagner
Jordan, Charles 2Lt Co-pilot 753 Schuman
Jordan, David S T/Sgt Radio Operator 755 Sievertson
Josephson, Frank A 1Lt Pilot 752 Josephson
Joyce, William R 1Lt Co-pilot 753 Jones, J
Judge, James C 1Lt Pilot 754 Judge
Judkovics, Francis F Capt Navigator 754 Jones, E
Julian, Richard C S/Sgt Flight Engineer 752 Brown, C
Junes, Albert W 2Lt Bombardier 752 Jackson, WL
Jurahowitch, Joseph O S/Sgt Radio Operator 753 Mateer
Juskiewicz, Raymond R T/Sgt Radio Operator 754 Pierce

Ground men

 Name  Rank MOS  Job Unit  Info Source  Comments
Jablonski, Louis L Capt     HQ SO111: 02-May-45 Assigned from 70th RD
Jack, Robert M M/Sgt 678/911 Power Turret/Gunsight Mech 754 SO192: 24-Jul-44 Reclassified Airplane Armorer
Jackson, Donald R T/Sgt 014 Automotive Mech (2nd Ech) 754 FR1192: 01-Aug-44  Won 4th prize (Qt of Gin)
Jacobs, Elliot A Cpl     754 SO135: 29-May-45 TD to London
Jacobs, Loren J Pvt     469SD SO303: 01-Dec-44 DS from AAF 147 APO558
Jacobs Cpl     754 FR1225: 01-Nov-44 Baton leader in base band "Liberators"
Jaeger, Courtland P Cpl 623 Finance Clerk-Typist 211Fin SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
James, Donald P T/Sgt     60SC SO298: 25-Nov-44 TD from where??
James, Kenneth C S/Sgt 824 Mess Sergeant 752 SO144: 01-Jun-44 Promoted to T/Sgt
James, Tom E Pvt 677 Military Policeman 1119MP SO27: 01-Feb-45 Promoted to Pfc
Jameson, Earle C 1Lt   Medical Officer HQ SO278: 05-Oct-43 Movement (SO fr Gowen Fld 29th BG)
Jamison, Donald C LtCol   Squadron CO - Cmd P 755 FR1465: 01-Mar-45 Tour Complete (1/29/45) Relvd as Sq CO
Janiak, Hipolite F Pfc 747 Airplane & Engine Mech 60SC SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Janisse, Lawrence G S/Sgt     60SC SO306: 05-Dec-44 On TD from where???
Jansen, Robert E Cpl     60SC SO302: 30-Nov-44 TD from where??
Jarrett, Jr, Benjamin J S/Sgt 686/958 Airplane Inst Mech, Specialist/?  469SD SO274: 28-Oct-44 Reclassified
Jaruszowski, Sigismund  Cpl     60SC SO291: 17-Nov-44 TD from where??
Jauernig, Richard L T/Sgt 573 Welder, Aircraft 814 FR348: 05-May-45 Welding Shop NCO
Jeffrey, Meuli W Pvt 750 Airplane Crew Chief 755 SO78: 30-Mar-45 Promoted to Pfc
Jeffries, James J Pvt     60SC SO241: 17-Sep-44 On DS from AAF 104
Jenkins, Benjamin J Sgt 050/683 Carpenter, General 755 SO259: 09-Oct-44 Reclassified Bombsight Mechanic
Jenkins, Oliver C T/Sgt     60SC SO307: 06-Dec-44 TD from Where??
Jennings, John P Pvt     130Post SO229: 03-Sep-44 Promoted to Pfc
Jerald, William D Sgt 835 Supply Clerk 1105QM SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Jeremicz, Edward R T/Sgt     1080Sig SO95: 16-Apr-45 Attch to 814th AE
Jessop, John R T/Sgt 502 Administrative NCO 1105QM SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Jobe, Mancil L Pfc     HQ SO124: 16-May-45 TD to 8AF HQ driver
Johansen, Jens P Sgt 621 Parachute Rigger & Repairman 754 SO213: 16-Aug-44 TD AAF 113 - Pers Equip Course
Johnson, Albert G M/Sgt 750 Airplane Crew Chief 752 SO134: 28-May-45 Assigned (VOCO from 20 May 45)
Johnson, Archie N Tec5     830Sig SO181: 12-Jul-44 TD with 485th - attch to 60SC
Johnson, Charles H Pfc 590 Duty Soldier III 754 SO134: 28-May-45 Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Johnson, Clifford J Pfc 590 Duty Soldier III 752 SO30: 04-Feb-45 Assgined
Johnson, David L Pvt 345 Truck Driver, Light 754 SO50: 27-Feb-45 Promoted to Pfc
Johnson, Elmer A T/Sgt 511 Armorer 814 FR346: 04-May-45 NCO IC Armament Section
Johnson, Haskle G Cpl 809 Decontaminating Equip Op 60SC SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Johnson, Kenneth H Cpl 405 Clerk-Typist 60SC SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Johnson, Ruth R 1Lt     96CBW SO320: 22-Dec-44 TD to 8AF HQ
Johnston, George M Cpl 548 Fabric & Dope Mech 469SD SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 814th Air Engineering Sqdn
Johnston, Harold J Cpl    Softball Chief 755 FR1357: 01-Jun-44 "Boomer-upper" to get the boys to play
Jonas, Paul Pfc 950/097 Wire Repairman, VHF 1080Sig SO179: 10-Jul-44 Reclassified Installer-Repair, Tele.Teleg
Jones, Ben E Pvt 750 Airplane Crew Chief 755 SO128: 20-May-45 Promoted to Pfc
Jones, Gordon S Capt   Station & Group Photo Officer 754 FR1248: 01-Jan-45 Head of photo dept
Jones, Hal S Pfc 650 Telephone Switchboard Op 60SC SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Jones, Harry W Pvt 055 Clerk, General 752 SO134: 28-May-45 Assigned (Attch from 389th BG)
Jones, John M Sgt 686 Airplane Instrument Mech 753 SO298: 30-Dec-43 Instrument Specialist
Jones, Robert L Sgt 747/405 Airplane and Engine Mech 60SC SO316: 18-Dec-44 Reclassified Clerk-Typist
Jones M/Sgt    Crew Chief 752 FR867: 01-Feb-45 Msn: 22, Engr Abt: 0, High/ Curr Cons: 22 
Jordan, James E Cpl     211Fin SO261: 11-Oct-44 TD with 207th Fin Sect
Joyce, James J Pfc 104 Laundry Maintenance Mech 469SD SO72: 24-Mar-45 Assigned from 70th RD
Jozwiak, Floryan J Sgt 055 Clerk, General 1105QM SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 638th Air Material Sqdn
Judge, Joseph A S/Sgt 852/? Radar Mechanic, RCM/? 754 SO11: 12-Jan-45 Reclassified
Judway, Theodore P Cpl 853 Radar Mechanic, Navigation 754 SO126: 18-May-45 Assigned from 70th RD
Junck, Glen L S/Sgt 622 Finance Technical Clerk 211Fin SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Jurek, Eddie E Cpl 650 Telephone Switchboard Op 60SC SO94: 15-Apr-45 Trsf to 377th HQ/Base Air Svc Grp
Jurk, Fritz Pfc     752 SO251: 28-Sep-44 SD w/Group Eng Officer
Jurkovich, Joseph S Cpl     753 SO83: 04-Apr-45 TD to AAF 572 Inst Drvr Maint
Justy, Virginia N 2Lt     96CBW SO267: 18-Oct-44 TD to HQ 8th AF