458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II

Personnel - I


 Name  Rank  Pos Unit  Pilot
Imundo, Rocco L Sgt Flight Engineer 752 Gorrell
Ingalls, William L 2Lt Bombardier 752 Hons
Innis, Charles S T/Sgt Flight Engineer 753 Clark
Irvin, William V Sgt Aerial Gunner 752 Denard
Isaacks, Jr, James D 1Lt   752 Tebbs
Ishmael, Emerson Y S/Sgt Radio Operator 753 Dantler
Isinger, William F B S/Sgt Aerial Gunner 753 Hartswick
Iverson, Albert F T/Sgt Flight Engineer 752 Sullivan
Ivory, Charles F 1Lt Co-pilot 752 Warner

Ground men

 Name  Rank MOS  Job Unit  Info Source  Comments
Ickes, Wade C S/Sgt     752 SO82: 03-Apr-45 Attached to 469SD
Ingram, Conrad L Pfc 345 Truck Driver, Light 377ASG SO119: 11-May-45 Assigned from 128rth RD
Irving, Clyde V S/Sgt 673 Medical NCO 752 SO137: 31-May-45 Assigned from 2AD
Isbell, James H Col 1060 Group CO - Commnd Pilot HQ GO89: 10-Mar-45 Relvd as Grp CO - 2AD Orders
Iseli, James W Pfc     1080Sig SO289: 15-Nov-44 DS to AAF 147
Isenberg, Millard S/Sgt 405/505 Clerk-Typist/Ammunition NCO 1686Ord SO313: 13-Dec-44 Reclassified
Isoldyko, Jr, Gerald D Sgt     60SC SO298: 25-Nov-44 TD from where??