458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II

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In June 1945, the B-24's of the 458th (and possibly several other bomb groups) were ferried back to the States from Horsham St. Faith.  Air crew who had not completed their combat tours when the war ended were assigned the duty of flying the aircraft.  In addition, ground personnel who were not essential to closing out the group's operations at Horsham were assigned (about 10 to an aircraft) to be returned to the States, ostensibly in order to get the group ready to retrain in B-29's for deployment to the Pacific Theater.  Photographs were taken, but no identities were included.  If anyone can identify any of the air or ground personnel in any of these photos, please contact me.

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Ferry Crew 2

Ferry Crew 3

Ferry Crew 5

Ferry Crew 6
Aircraft possibly: B-24JSH-1 FO 42-50684 J3 "A&G Fish Shoppe"

Ferry Crew 7

Ferry Crew 9

Ferry Crew 10
Aircraft from 466BG (Squadron code "U8")

Ferry Crew 11

Ferry Crew 12
B-24M-10-FO 44-50766 7V J You've Had It

1Lt Kendrick E. Ferriell Crew

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