458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II


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 In Honor of
David Bell
 T/Sgt Beecher Bell, Radio Operator, Crew 14
David Scorza
 1Lt Samuel D. Scorza, Navigator, Crew 74
Jerry Leone
 Capt Charles "Sam" Evans (Pilot); Capt Leland G. Griffith (Group Ops Officer)
John & Sara Grivas
 1Lt Donald C. Allen, Bombardier, Lehr Crew
Robert & Rosmary Mire
 Sgt Edward J. Mire, Gunner, Grice Crew
Chris & Jenny Borden
 1Lt Samuel D. Scorza, Navigator, Crew 74
Les Alderson
 1Lt Duan Campbell, Co-pilot, Simpson Crew
Cynthia J. Krakowski
 T/Sgt Lloyd V. Lawson, Flight Engineer, Josephson Crew
Patrick Mattson
 T/Sgt Robert R. Mattson, Radio Operator, and Crew 51
Jan Hilborn
 1Lt Allen C. Hilborn, Co-pilot, Crew 74
Gene Roberts
 T/Sgt Lewis E. Roberts, Radio Operator, Wagner Crew
Craig Farmer
All who served in the 458th 
Lorraine Courtney
Sgt Anthony J. Corlito, Radio Operator, Koehn Crew
Barbara and Wayne Todd
Sgt Edwin B. Carpenter, Tail Gunner, Harris Crew
Lycinda Bell
T/Sgt Beecher Bell, Radio Operator, Crew 14
Matt Miller
2Lt Frederick W. Wright, Co-pilot, Klusmeyer Crew
Deborah Wesley
1Lt John J. Jones, Pilot
Charlene Hoobler
1Lt David E. Hoobler (Bombardier) and Crew 21
Steven Wilson
T/Sgt Raymond J. Wilson, Radio Operator, Crew 22
John Herzik
1Lt Frank W. Herzik, Pilot Crew 64
Alexander Loeber
1Lt Ralph O. "Hap" Hoffman, Pilot
Eric Volk
S/Sgt Albert J. Volk, Top Turret Gunner, LaJeunesse Crew
Duane Dedrickson
S/Sgt John D. Dedrickson, Ball Turret Gunner, Larson Crew
Jeff Nutter
1Lt Ralph N. Nutter, Jr, Pilot
Letitia Baer
1Lt William G. Baer, Bombardier, Monahan Crew
Scott Fifer
T/Sgt Walter C. Fifer, Radio Operator, Crew 21
Barbara Todd
S/Sgt Edwin B. Carpenter, Gunner, Crew 50
Tony Recchia
1Lt Anthony P. Recchia, 858th Chemical Co. Det "A" Commanding Officer
Al & Paul Pizzica
S/Sgt Albert J. Pizzica, Armorer-Gunner, Matze Crew (AZON)
Reed & Haley Murkin
1Lt Samuel D. Scorza, Navigator, Crew 74
Joe & Julie Davan
1Lt Matthew J. Davan, Navigator, Crew 47
Ted Parsons
Sgt Theodore K. Parsons, Radio Operator, Gilbert Crew
Greg DesJardin
S/Sgt Daniel J. DesJardin, Aerial Gunner, Mateer Crew
Margaret Jones
1Lt John J. Jones, Pilot, Azon Crew 2
Corby Krick
1Lt Donald E. Krick, Bombardier, Dyer Crew
Timothy Padden
2Lt Michael Boury, Jr, Bombardier, Crew 71
Jim Plaisted
M/Sgt Waldo W. Plaisted, Crew Chief, 753BS
Alex Holodak
1Lt John S. Holodak, Navigator, Abramowitz Crew 
Laura Haynes Dixon
1Lt Laurence S. Haynes, Pilot
Stephen Lambousy
Sgt Harold P. Lambousy, Waist Gunner, Crew 48

Donations used for...

Mission Record December 24, 1944

Ordered from the National Archives and downloaded, this is a 219 page, 90MB file that contains mostly Crew Load Lists along with group documents detailing the mission to hit Schonecken, Germany on Christmas Eve 1944.  I was hoping to get loading lists for all 53 crews that participated on this mission, but only received 31. I am hoping to get the remaining 22 ordered, but need to figure out how to explain this to them. (If you have ever ordered from this agency, you will know that they are not the greatest on follow ups).

If you would like a copy of this mission record, please contact me.

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