458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II

Jessee Crew - Assigned 754th Squadron - March 28, 1945

Crew Photo Needed

Flying at the End of Hostilities

 Rank  Name  Serial #  Pos Date Status  Comments
2Lt Howard G Jessee 0833755 Pilot 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall 
2Lt E J Cox, Jr 02077209 Co-pilot 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall
2Lt Earl T Sheets 0837602 Navigator 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall
2Lt Tommy Thompson Bombardier 1945 UNK Did not move to ETO w/Crew
Sgt Israel Rubinstein 32903098 Radio Operator 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall
Sgt Frank L Muscatell  11091155 Flight Engineer 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall
Sgt Kenneth W Lehn 32994826  Armorer-Gunner  25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall
Sgt Frank J Perry 13195268 Aerial Gunner 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall
Sgt Frederick D Krell 31411487 Aerial Gunner 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall
Sgt Phillip G Sunkel 16032329 Aerial Gunner 25-Apr-45 FEH Mission Load List - Bad Reichenhall

2Lt Harold Eddy was originally this crew's pilot.  Prior to leaving Mitchell Field in New York, he came down with appendicitis and was replaced by 2Lt Howard Jessee.  2Lt Tommy Thompson, bombardier, did not accompany them either.  The crew arrived at Horsham St Faith about a month before the end of combat air operations in the ETO.  They were able to get in two missions to Germany during the final few days of the air war, including the last operational mission flown by the Eighth Air Force on April 25, 1945.

They were assigned a Liberator to ferry back to the States in June.

Frank Perry recalls the trip home:
"I really do not recall extra people with us. I can't say for sure it did not happen.We left England taking southern route. Flew to Lagos Field in the Azores.Overnighted then flew to St. Johns, Newfoundland, landing just to take on fuel, then continuing on to Bradley Field, Conn. where A/C was turned in and crews disbanded. After few days for paper work  crew members were furloughed to their homes. After 30 day leave I reported to NJ then on troop train to Sioux Falls SD, then on troop train to Las Vegas, Nev. to go to B-29 school, however during this the war in Japan ended and training programs cancelled. I did various jobs until discharged out of Bolling Fd. Wash, DC in May 46. Never did see any of my crew again.

"One nice think about this when I was sent to Las Vegas I met up again with our original Pilot Harry Eddy, who had an appendix operation the night before we left from Mitchell Fld. Long Island for Europe. That's how we became the Jessee crew. We [also] had an excellent Co-pilot in Earl Sheets that we felt safe at all times."


Date  Target 458th Msn Pilot Msn  Serial RCL Sqdn A/C Msn  A/C Name  Comments
18-Apr-45  PASSAU 228 1 42-50456 D Z5 58 DOROTHY KAY SPECIAL   
25-Apr-45 BAD REICHENHALL  230 2 42-100366 H Z5 81 MIZPAH "059" HAND-WRITTEN 

Charleston, SC - 1945

2Lt Harold Eddy, the crew's first pilot, talking with some of the crew
Earl Sheets, EJ Cox, Tommy Thompson, Harold Eddy
Standing: Israel Rubinstein, Phil Sunkel, Fred Krell
Kneeling: Frank Muscatell, Kenneth Lehn, Frank Perry

April 18, 1945

First mission: The view from the co-pilot's window

Sgt Frank Muscatell

Fred Krell and Frank Muscatell at Horsham; Frank Muscatell in the pilot's seat.

Sgt Israel Rubinstein

Israel Rubinstein at his position

June 1945

Jessee Crew with B-24JSH-10-FO 42-51743 J3 F

(Click for larger image)

Standing: Earl Sheets, EJ Cox, Howard Jessee, Unknown

Kneeling: Israel Rubinstein, Fred Krell (next three, unknown)

Sitting: Ken Lehn, Frank Perry, Unknown, Phil Sunkel, Frank Muscatell

All photos on this page courtesy Kenneth Lehn