458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II

G. Allen Crew - Assigned 755th Squadron - August 15, 1944

Standing: Aaron Glatt - E, Eugene O'Donnell - CP, Elmer Cogswell - G, Hage Barnard - B, Gerry Allen - P
Kneeling: Francis Atkins - N, Paul Watkins - G, Mark Ryan - RO, Kenneth Whitaker - RCM Op

(Photo: Ted Glatt)

Completed Tour

Serial #
Crew Pos
 Gerald O Allen
 Award - Distinguished Flying Cross
 Eugene D O'Donnell
 Award - Air Medal (Silver OLC)
 Francis R Atkins
 Award - Distinguished Flying Cross
 Hage N Barnard
 Award - Distinguished Flying Cross
 Mark A Ryan
Radio Operator
 Award - Air Medal (OLC)
 Aaron H Glatt
Flight Engineer
 Award - Air Medal (OLC)
 Elmer O Cogswell
Aerial Gunner
 Award - Air Medal (OLC)
 Paul M Fitts
Aerial Gunner
 Trsf to 70th RD - Tour Complete
 Paul G Watkins
Armorer Gunner
 Award - Air Medal (OLC)
 Kenneth B Whitaker
RCM Operator
 Award - Air Medal (OLC)
Gerald Allen and crew were assigned to the 458th in August 1944.  They flew four missions prior to the group coming off of combat operations in mid-September in order to fly resupply missions to Patton's army in France.  Allen and crew flew three of these "Truckin' Missions".  The group went back to flying bombing missions in October, and Allen's crew participated in nine missions during this month and November.  They were selected for lead crew duties and underwent training in late November.

As a lead crew, the men flew less often than the "wing" crews, thus extending their tour chronologically, but reducing the number of missions required from 35 to 30.  As a lead they were required to have a command pilot in charge of the formation on each mission.  This man generally occupied the co-pilot's seat.  As a result, the crew's co-pilot, Eugene O'Donnell was transferred to the 753rd Squadron.  While his mission record is not available, he is shown on one load list flying with the crew of William Patak on February 22, 1945. It is believed that he finished or nearly finished his combat tour by war's end.  Lt Hage Barnard, the crew's bombardier, may have flown with other lead crews.  He is photographed with the Bowers crew in what appears to be a post mission picture.

Sgt Kenneth Whitaker was chosen to take RCM (Radar Counter Measures) training in December 1944.  While it is not known if he flew any missions with his original crew after his training was complete, he was reclassified as a Radar Observer (866), and is shown flying with Lt Paul F Beckstrom and crew as RCM Operator on February 22, 1945.

Additional crew members may have completed their combat tours earlier than March.  Sgt Paul Fitts is listed as being transferred to the 70th Replacement Depot in October 1944 with the notation, “Tour complete”; as is S/Sgt Elmer Cogswell, who apparently went home in January 1945.

Allen and crew flew four missions in January, four in February and five in March, their last taking place on the 30th to the marshaling yards of Brunswick, Germany.


Date  Target 458th Msn Pilot Msn  Cmd Pilot Ld Serial RCL Sqdn A/C Msn  A/C Name  Comments
27-Aug-44 FINOW 121 1     42-100407 R J3 43 LITTLE LAMBSY DIVEY MSN CREDIT NOV
05-Sep-44 KARLSRUHE 122 2     42-100407 R J3 44 LITTLE LAMBSY DIVEY  
10-Sep-44 ULM M/Y 125 3     42-100407 R J3 47 LITTLE LAMBSY DIVEY  
11-Sep-44 MAGDEBURG 126 4     42-100425 O J3 32 THE BIRD  
18-Sep-44 HSF to CLASTRES TR02 --     42-94952 A GJ T1 SHACK RAT ON LOAN  44BG
21-Sep-44 HSF to LILLE TR05 --     41-28785 B   T3 NOT 458TH SHIP ON LOAN  44BG
23-Sep-44 HSF to ST DIZIER TR07 --     41-29303 H 7V T4 LIBERTY LIB CARGO
05-Oct-44 PADERBORN 128 5     44-40475 D J3 3 JOLLY ROGER  
07-Oct-44 MAGDEBURG 130 6 CLAGGETT L4 42-50740 F J3 2 OUR BURMA  
14-Oct-44 COLOGNE 133 7     44-10602 A J3 10 TEN GUN DOTTIE  
15-Oct-44 MONHEIM 134 8     44-10602 A J3 11 TEN GUN DOTTIE  
22-Oct-44 HAMM 137 9     44-10602 A J3 13 TEN GUN DOTTIE  
02-Nov-44 BIELEFELD 140 10     44-10602 A J3 14 TEN GUN DOTTIE  
05-Nov-44 KARLSRUHE 142 11     44-10602 A J3 15 TEN GUN DOTTIE  
09-Nov-44  METZ AREA 145 12     44-10602 A J3 16 TEN GUN DOTTIE
21-Nov-44 HARBURG 148 13     44-10602 P J3 17 TEN GUN DOTTIE  
11-Dec-44 HANAU 155 14 BREVAKIS L 42-95628 K J3 2 UNKNOWN 038  
24-Dec-44 SCHONECKEN 157 15 QUINN L6 42-95610 D J3 7 UNKNOWN 037  
27-Dec-44 NEUNKIRCHEN 159 16     44-49743 F J3 3 EASTERN BEAST  
03-Jan-45 NEUNKIRCHEN 165 17 RUE L2 42-51936 I J3 3 UNKNOWN 027  
13-Jan-45 KAISERLAUTERN  169 MSHL     -- -- -- --   MARSHALING CHF 
16-Jan-45 MAGDEBURG 171 18     42-51939 G J3 14 UNKNOWN 028 LAND OFF LOC
28-Jan-45 DORTMUND 174 19 BOOTH D1 42-95628 K J3 7 UNKNOWN 038  
31-Jan-45 BRUNSWICK 176 20 SIMES D1 42-51936 I J3 8 UNKNOWN 027 RECALL
06-Feb-45 MAGDEBURG 178 21 RUE D1 44-48837 L J3 6 UNKNOWN 041  
16-Feb-45 OSNABRUCK 183 22 GOODFRIEND D1 44-49743 F J3 15 EASTERN BEAST  
24-Feb-45 BIELEFELD 188 23 BETZOLD D1 42-51669 J J3 10 UNKNOWN 026  
28-Feb-45 BIELEFELD 192 24   L2 44-49544 E J3 4 OH MONA!  
01-Mar-45 INGOLSTADT 193 25 BETZOLD L1 42-51669 J J3 14 UNKNOWN 026  
03-Mar-45 NIENBURG 195 26   L3 42-51669 J J3 16 UNKNOWN 026  
07-Mar-45 SOEST 198 27   L2 44-49261 A J3 8 UNKNOWN 042  
09-Mar-45 OSNABRUCK 200 28 GARDNER L2 44-49910 D J3 1 UNKNOWN 044  
12-Mar-45 FRIEDBURG 202 29 PHILLIP D1 44-49261 A J3 12 UNKNOWN 042  
31-Mar-45 BRUNSWICK 216 30 PHILLIP L1 42-51936 I J3 27 UNKNOWN 027

B-24J-65-CF 44-10602 J3 A  Ten Gun Dottie

Allen's crew flew this Liberator on seven of their thirty missions.