458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II

Judge Crew  - Assigned 754th Squadron - May 11, 1944

Standing:William Moody - BTG, Edgar Bonner - E, Powell Harlow - RO, Lyle Rymer - NTG, Charles Bryson - TTG, Merlin Sebald - TG.
Kneeling:James Judge - P, Wallis Tolles - CP, Wayne Gamble - N, Lewis Jacobus - B.
(Photo: Wayne Gamble)

Completed Tour

 Rank  Name  Serial #  Position Date Status  Comments
1Lt James C Judge 0813146 Pilot 10-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions
1Lt Wallis J Tolles 0820101 Co-pilot 23-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions
1Lt Wayne W Gamble 0708440 Navigator 21-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions
1Lt Lewis R Jacobus 0698887 Bombardier 21-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions
T/Sgt Powell S Harlow 39282447 Radio Operator 10-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions
Pvt Edgar E Bonner 18057879 Flight Engineer 1-Jul-44 RFS Removed From Flying Status
S/Sgt Charles F Bryson 34125695 Aerial Gunner 10-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions 
S/Sgt William J Moody 31303157 Aerial Gunner 11-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions
S/Sgt Lyle J Rymer 39413640 Armorer-Gunner  10-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions
S/Sgt Merlin W Sebald 36806934 Aerial Gunner 10-Aug-44 CT DFC Citation: Completed Missions

2Lt James Judge and crew were one of the early replacement crews to arrive at the 458th in early May 1944.  Assigned to the 754th Bomb Squadron,
they went through a short period of indoctrination prior to their first mission on May 28, 1944.

Judge was assigned to fly with another crew on the first D-Day mission on June 6, 1944.  This turned out to be an abortive attempt due to a problem
with the aircraft’s fuel system.  Later that day, on the third mission on D-Day, Judge flew his own crew on yet another abortive flight, again due
to mechanical difficulties.  The crew would complete a total of 15 missions in June with an additional aborted effort on June 17th when the ball
turret gunner was sick and could not continue the mission.

During July and August the crew would complete 16 missions.  It was at this point that S/Sgt Edgar E. Bonner, flight engineer, was removed from
flying status.  His place was possibly filled by T/Sgt Gary L. Tabowitz.  He had been assigned with 2Lt Martin D. Williams crew in April 1944.  For
unknown reasons, this pilot was removed from flying status and eventually transferred to another group, just after arriving at Horsham.  The
remaining crew members were assigned to different crews, where needed, as replacements.

Judge is shown flying his last mission on August 16, 1944 to Magdeburg.  The crew flew 22 missions on a Ford made B-24H named Dixie Belle.  The
only known photos of this aircraft were taken on August 9, 1944, the day that 2Lt Glenn A. Hess and crew were assigned this aircraft for the
mission to Saarbrucken, Germany.  This was the first mission for Hess and his crew, and they were forced to return to base when the No. 1 engine
“ran away”.  Due to the lack of power on the left side, Hess was unable to correctly line up with the runway and crash landed in the middle of the
field.  No one was injured, but the plane was a write-off.

Judge and all crew members were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross during August for completing their combat tour.  Records do not indicate
what happened to the crew next, but it was most likely reassignment to the U.S. for a brief leave, and then onto wherever the army needed them.


Date Target 458th Msn  Pilot Msn  Serial  RCL  Sqdn  A/C Msn  A/C Name  Comments
28-May-44 ZEITZ 49 1 42-95163 K Z5 8 DIXIE BELLE  
29-May-44 TUTOW A/F 50 2 42-95163 K Z5 9 DIXIE BELLE  
30-May-44 ZWISCHENAHN A/F 51 3 42-95163 K Z5 10 DIXIE BELLE  
02-Jun-44 STELLA/PLAGE 53 4 42-95163 K Z5 12 DIXIE BELLE  
04-Jun-44 BOURGES A/F 54 5 42-95116 V Z5 2 JUNIOR  
07-Jun-44 LISIEUX 59 6 41-29305 N Z5 19 I'LL BE BACK/HYPOCHONDRIAC  
08-Jun-44 PONTAUBAULT 60 7 42-95163 K Z5 14 DIXIE BELLE  
10-Jun-44 CHATEAUDUN 61 8 42-95163 K Z5 15 DIXIE BELLE  
12-Jun-44 EVREUX/FAUVILLE 64 9 42-95163 K Z5 16 DIXIE BELLE  
14-Jun-44 DOMLEGER 65 10 42-95163 K Z5 17 DIXIE BELLE  
15-Jun-44 GUYANCOURT 66 11 42-95163 K Z5 18 DIXIE BELLE  
17-Jun-44 GUYANCOURT 67 ABT 42-95163 -- Z5 -- DIXIE BELLE ABORT - BTG SICK
18-Jun-44 FASSBERG A/D 69 12 42-95163 K Z5 19 DIXIE BELLE MSN #1
21-Jun-44 BERLIN 75 13 42-95096 U Z5 16 BOMBS AWAY  
23-Jun-44 3 NO BALLS 76 14 42-51095 Q Z5 15 SHOO SHOO BABY TGT #7 BLAUGERMONT
24-Jun-44 ST OMER 78 15 41-29305 N Z5 22 I'LL BE BACK/HYPOCHONDRIAC MSN #2
25-Jun-44 ST. OMER 80 16 41-29596 R Z5 26 HELL'S ANGEL'S  
28-Jun-44 SAARBRUCKEN 81 17 42-51095 Q Z5 18 SHOO SHOO BABY  
29-Jun-44 ASCHERSLEBEN 82 18 42-95163 K Z5 21 DIXIE BELLE  
02-Jul-44 COUBRONNE 83 19 42-95163 K Z5 22 DIXIE BELLE  
06-Jul-44 KIEL 85 ABT 42-95018 J Z5 -- OLD DOC'S YACHT ABORT - #2 ENG
11-Jul-44 MUNICH 88 20 42-95163 K Z5 26 DIXIE BELLE  
13-Jul-44 SAARBRUCKEN 90 21 42-95163 K Z5 28 DIXIE BELLE  
17-Jul-44 3 NO BALLS 92 23 44-40126 D Z5 13 SPITTEN KITTEN / SKY TRAMP  
19-Jul-44 KEMPTEN 94 24 42-95163 K Z5 29 DIXIE BELLE  
20-Jul-44 EISENACH 95 25 42-95163 K Z5 30 DIXIE BELLE  
24-Jul-44 ST. LO AREA 97 26 42-95116 V Z5 25 JUNIOR  
25-Jul-44 ST. LO AREA "B" 98 27 42-95116 V Z5 26 JUNIOR  
01-Aug-44 T.O.s FRANCE 100 28 42-100366 H Z5 38 MIZPAH  
02-Aug-44 3 NO BALLS 101 29 42-100366 H Z5 39 MIZPAH  
03-Aug-44 2 NO BALLS 102 30 42-95163 K Z5 32 DIXIE BELLE  
04-Aug-44 ROSTOCK 103 31 42-95163 K Z5 33 DIXIE BELLE  
05-Aug-44 BRUNSWICK/WAGGUM  105 32 42-95163 K Z5 34 DIXIE BELLE  
16-Aug-44 MAGDEBURG 115 33 44-40126 L Z5 20 SPITTEN KITTEN / SKY TRAMP

Summer 1944

Back Row: Wallis Tolles - CP, Wayne Gamble - N, Lewis Jacobus - B, James Judge - P, Charles Bryson - TTG
Middle Row: Lyle Rymer - NTG, William Moody - BTG, Merlin Sebald - TG, Powell Harlow - RO, Gary Tabowitz - E
Front Row: "Dave and gang" - ground crew (names unkown)
(Photo: Wayne Gamble)

B-24H-25-FO 42-95163  Z5 K  Dixie Belle

August 9,1944 - Results of crash with the Hess Crew

Photos taken by 1Lt Wayne Gamble

458th Liberators dispersed around the airfield

458th formation viewed from the cockpit
Judge Crew landing after a mission