458th Bombardment Group (H)

  Honoring those who served with the 458th BG during World War II

Eidelsberg Crew - Assigned 753rd Squadron - August 25, 1944

Standing: Francisco Macias - G, Leroy Peeler - G, Martin Corslun - E, Raymond Knowles - G, Carl Stoddard - G, Quentin Martin - RO

Kneeling: Michael Lavere - N, Robert Eidelsberg - P, Robert Nielson - B, Harris Lauterbach - CP

(Photo: Michael Lavere)

Crew reassigned to other crews

 Rank  Name  Serial #  Pos Date Status  Comments
1Lt Robert E Eidelsberg 0814882 Pilot Apr-45 UNK 6 EM's to ZI - Eidelsberg 1 more mission 
1Lt Harris Y Lauterbach 0705593 Co-pilot 12-Mar-45 UNK Rest Home Leave
2Lt Meyer A Lavere 0722332 Navigator 12-Apr-45 UNK Suspended fr flying UP AAF Reg 35-16
1Lt Robert P Nielson 0718013 Bombardier 12-Mar-45 UNK Rest Home Leave
T/Sgt Quentin E Martin 38470022 Radio Operator 12-Mar-45 UNK Rest Home Leave
T/Sgt  Martin E Corslund, Jr  33781984 Flight Engineer 12-Mar-45 UNK Rest Home Leave
S/Sgt Raymond M Knowles 36582939 Aerial Gunner 12-Mar-45 UNK Rest Home Leave
Cpl Francisco M Macias 38439790 Aerial Gunner, 2/E  27-Apr-45 UNK Placed on flying status
S/Sgt LeRoy G Peeler 12073120 Armorer-Gunner 12-Mar-45 UNK Rest Home Leave
Sgt Joseph A Romano 38495327 Aerial Gunner 03-Mar-45 UNK Promoted to S/Sgt

Lt Robert Eidelsberg and crew arrived at Horsham St. Faith in the late summer of 1944. Prior to flying their first combat mission, the crew flew two Truckin' missions in September.  They flew their first combat mission on October 9, 1944 to Koblenz.  According to navigator, Michael Lavere, "As a crew we flew together for some 15 missions after which most members of the original crew, including myself were reassigned to other crews.  I went on to fly an additional 19 missions for a total of 34.  The aircraft shown [in the crew picture] was the one we ferried across the Atlantic from Topeka, Kansas and is not the plane that we flew during our missions at Horsham. Our assigned plane did not have any name.

Sgt Carl Stoddard and Sgt Joseph Romano may have been mixed up on the special orders dated August 25, 1944 assigning them to the 458th.  While Romano is shown on these orders under Eidelsberg, and Carl Stoddard is listed with the crew of Lt Scott Hathorn, Michael Lavere identifies Stoddard in the crew photo taken in Topeka, Kansas.  Stoddard is listed as flying with Eidelsberg on November 25, 1944 and Joseph Romano is listed as flying with Lt Howard Warrell and crew on February 25, 1945.

The reason for the break up of the crew is unknown, and was not normally how things were done at Horsham.  Several members of the crew are shown flying with different pilots on available load lists.  It is not known if any of the crew completed a full complement of combat missions. The mission list below was compiled from 458th records that shows Robert Eidelsberg as pilot.  Which crew members flew with him on these dates is unknown.


Date  Target  458th Msn  Pilot Msn  Serial RCL Sqdn  A/C Msn  A/C Name  Comments
18-Sep-44 HORSHAM to CLASTRES TR02 -- 42-95177 S 7V T1 BO II VERIFY A/C
09-Oct-44 KOBLENZ 131 1 42-95183 U J3 46 BRINEY MARLIN  
19-Oct-44 MAINZ 136 2 42-100408 D J4 30 LADY LUCK / THE BEAST  
04-Nov-44 MISBURG 141 3 44-40201 N J4 24 SILVER CHIEF  
08-Nov-44 RHEINE 144 4 44-40275 L J4 20 SHACK TIME  
16-Nov-44 ESCHWEILER 147 5 42-110163  M J4 37 TIME'S A WASTIN  
25-Nov-44 BINGEN 149 6 44-40287 J J4 24 BACHELOR'S BEDLAM  
08-Jan-45 STADTKYLL 167 7 44-40118 S J4 25 WE'LL GET BY  
13-Jan-45 KAISERLAUTERN 169 8 44-40118 S J4 27 WE'LL GET BY  
16-Jan-45 MAGDEBURG 171 9 44-40118 S J4 29 WE'LL GET BY  
03-Feb-45 MAGDEBURG 177 10 44-40285 H J4 56 TABLE STUFF  
06-Feb-45 MAGDEBURG 178 11 44-40285 H J4 57 TABLE STUFF  
09-Feb-45 MAGDEBURG 179 12 44-40118 S J4 33 WE'LL GET BY  
15-Feb-45 MAGDEBURG 182 13 44-40118 S J4 34 WE'LL GET BY  
16-Feb-45 OSNABRUCK 183 14 44-40118 S J4 35 WE'LL GET BY  
21-Feb-45 NUREMBERG 185 15 44-40118 S J4 37 WE'LL GET BY  
23-Feb-45 GERA-REICHENBACH 187 16 44-40118 S J4 39 WE'LL GET BY  
25-Feb-45 SCHWABISCH-HALL 189 17 44-40118 S J4 41 WE'LL GET BY  
27-Feb-45 HALLE 191 18 44-40118 S J4 43 WE'LL GET BY COMPOSITE SQ w/466 
28-Feb-45 BIELEFELD 192 19 44-40118 S J4 44 WE'LL GET BY  
05-Mar-45 HARBURG 197 20 42-110163 M J4 66 TIME'S A WASTIN  
07-Mar-45 SOEST 198 21 42-100408 I J4 48 LADY LUCK / THE BEAST   
08-Mar-45 DILLENBURG 199 22 44-40277 P J4 49 MISS USED BOMBED WITH 466BG
12-Mar-45 FRIEDBURG 202 23 44-40287 J J4 51 BACHELOR'S BEDLAM  
17-Mar-45 HANNOVER 205 24 42-95108 B Z5 67 ENVY OF 'EM ALL II  
21-Mar-45 HESEPE 209 25 41-28980 V J4 26 UNKNOWN 009  
23-Mar-45 OSNABRUCK 211 26 44-10602 E J4 37 TEN GUN DOTTIE  
25-Mar-45 HITZACKER 214 27 44-40287 J J4 55 BACHELOR'S BEDLAM  
30-Mar-45 WILHELMSHAVEN 215 28 42-50555 A J4 34 BABY SHOES  
04-Apr-45 PERLEBERG 217 29 44-40287 J J4 58 BACHELOR'S BEDLAM  
06-Apr-45 HALLE 219 30 44-40287 J J4 60 BACHELOR'S BEDLAM  
07-Apr-45 KRUMMEL 220 31 41-28980 V J4 34 UNKNOWN 009 FLEW w/466TH "C" GRP 

B-24J-145-CO 44-40118  7V  E  We'll Get By

A "favorite" of Eidelsberg.  He flew this aircraft on 12 missions in 1945, after it had been transferred to the 753rd (J4) Squadron

(Photo: Harold Armstrong)