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70 years ago... December 1944

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This site is a tribute to those who served with the 458th Bomb Group during World War II.  It is also a tribute to Crew 74, of which my father, Samuel D. Scorza, was a part.  My father was assigned to the 458th Bombardment Group (H) in October 1943.  He had just completed navigation training at San Marcos, Texas, and the group was nearing its final stages in assigning crews to the newly formed squadrons in Tonopah, Nevada.  He became the navigator on Crew 74..  After training, they flew the 'Southern Route' to England in January 1944, arriving at Horsham St. Faith near Norwich in February.  The group flew its first mission on March 2, 1944.  Crew 74 completed their tour of 30 missions in June 1944.

When I first started researching my dad's crew, I was very disappointed at how little there was to be found on the 458th Bomb Group.  Other than four volumes of a very good History of the 458th Bomb Group published many years ago by George Reynolds, the group's historian, there was not much on the 458th.  Compared to some of the other bomb groups in the 8th Air Force, the 458th, it seemed, was a ghost group.  That is one of the reasons for this website.

Over the course of the last several years I have found mission records, photos, Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR), and many other items of interest about the group.  I became fascinated with all of those associated with the 458th.  I have had the privilege to speak with numerous veterans over the phone, and many more via mail and email.  Every single one of these men has been very forthcoming and generous in my numerous requests for information.  It is because of their very kind contributions that this web page is possible.

It was the result of this continued correspondence with veterans and their families that allowed me to collaborate with two amazing individuals, Ron Mackay and Mike Bailey, in 2009.  Together, we were able to put together a comprehensive history of the 458th Bomb Group from training in Tonopah, Nevada in the winter of 1943, through the German surrender in 1945.  It was published by Schiffer Books in October 2010.

The 458th Bomb Group (H), 8th USAAF at Horsham St. Faith - 1944-1945

It can be found on Amazon or Schiffer Books.

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This website is a work in progress.  If you are in possession of photos, documents, stories, or other memorabilia from the group, please consider sharing it with the site and help preserve the history of this group.

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My sincere apologies for the lack of updates over the last couple of years!  I am currently working to get the website adapted into the new template. One of the reasons for my lack of work on the site was that the old site was too cumbersome to update.  With this new template, things will be much easier. 

For everyone who has sent me information and photos, I want to thank you for your patience. Once the current pages have been fixed, I will begin to add new pages.

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Personnel-Combat Crews: Monahan (752nd)
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Tebbs (752), Davis (754)
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Vehslage, Klusmeyer, Sievertson, E. Williams, Dooley, Hansen...


Personnel-Combat Crews: Taylor (752nd)
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Personnel-Stories - "Captain Leland Griffith"
Personnel-Combat Crews: Bowers, Akin (753), Warner (752)
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Burman, Slaton, DeNeffe, Grant, Bush, Claggett, Clark, Kovich, D. Morris, McMains, Lamers...

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Personnel-Combat Crews: Shaw (753)
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Cragun, Gaines, Pierce, Burtis, Gulick, Keck, Schulze, Hannaman, Whitlow, Hons, Nyman, Mattson, Watson, Lamb, Woodward, Tooman.

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Personnel-Combat Crews: Zimmerman (752nd), J. Martin (752nd)
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Glenn, Wells, Stewart, Melton, Roubal, Crew 17 (Menz/Schaaf), Weber, R. Gibson, Gilbert...

Personnel-Combat Crews: Klein (754), McCoy (754), Glagola (755), Fletcher (754), Gentry (755), Scaif (752), Rupley (754)
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Duke, Hicks, Moran, Mitchell, Hoffman...
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Mateer (753), Eidelsberg (753)
Personnel-Stories - "Rocket-Site Raiders"
Operations-Mission Narratives - "December 1944"
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Personnel-Combat Crews: Heise, Hathorn, Nelson, Dwyre, Holmgren, DG Williams...


Personnel-Combat Crews: McCartney (752), Richards (753), Hendrix, Pollard (754), Heard (752), Henderson (754), Josephson, Walker (752),
M. Williams (754)
Operations-Mission Narratives - "January 1945"
Personnel-Stories - "Leaflet Raids", "Ice and Fire"
December 2014
Personnel-Combat Crews: Floyd, Shannon, Warrell, Geiger, W. B. Smith, Holtz, Doyle, Healy, Hendrickson...


Personnel-Combat Crews: Hemrich (755), Jessee (754), Boucek (753)

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